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Albany CrossFit – Albany CrossFit: WOD – (Be)tter

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Skills Practice

Metcon (No Measure)

10 Min. AMRAP for Quality:

100m Run

50’ Weighted Bear Crawl*

100m Run

50’ One Arm Overhead Carry*

You pick the DB or KB weight. Switch overhead arm after 25’.


12 Min. Time Cap.

Choose the heaviest weight that you can tap-n-go for 2-3 reps. Once you’ve set the weight, complete 20 reps as quickly as possible.

Metcon (Time)

20 Clean and Jerks (225/155)

[Scale 1]:

20 Clean and Jerks (185/125)

[Scale 2]:

20 Clean and Jerks (115/75)


Hold the following poses and stretches for the specified times.

Focus on your breathing and relax.

2 Mins. Bound Angle Pose

1 Min. Thread the Needle Pose / Side

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