Member Spotlight – Kathleen Wilkinson

written by Stacia.
Kathleen’s first official WOD was the 10k row with Marybeth and I. Who does that?  –  Meet Kathleen Wilkinson. I am grateful that I have known Kathleen since she started crossfit. Like me , she is a staple at the noon class. She attends Varsity at ACF regularly. Kathleen has been crossfitting a bit over a year and her dedication and commitment shows.
Kathleen and her husband David moved to the USA in 2007. They originally lived in Newmarket, Suffolk, England, a horse racing town a lot like Saratoga. I mention this because her accent is down right entrancing. I love the way she pronounces kettle bell and thrusters not to mention a vacuum is a hoover and the garage is carriage house. Kathleen is the mother (mum) of two active young boys. Jack is 13 years old and Charlie is 9. Kathleen is happiest when doing stuff with her family. They are her world outside of crossfit. She also is quite avid in the kitchen and follows the Paleo lifestyle of eating. Although I have seen pictures of amazing scallop dishes, her favorite thing to make is spicy jalapeno bison burgers on a sweet potato pancake. Since changing her eating style Kathleen has leaned out over this past year tremendously and is hitting PRs all over the gym.
Kathleen says her biggest gain and improvement at the gym is believing in herself and believing how strong she is. In the past month Kathleen has managed to achieve toes to bar, double unders, strict pull ups, and a 95# clean and jerk. Just the other day I think i saw her near get a HSPU as well. This is no surprise to me as I see her work on her goals after every WOD for minimal of 15 minutes. I have witness that volume training works. As a WOD buddy and friend , I am really proud of Kathleen who I also refer to a Posh Spice since she had her hair cut short. I know when she is pushing herself because I can hear her no matter where in the box she is, next to me or not. Like me and most of you, Burpees are her least favorite task, but her attitude is just stop bitching and do it. It is no doubt that she works very hard, is committed, and continually improves her technique and form with all movements.
The community is what makes the difference she told me and cant see going back to a” normal” gym with head phones and treadmills. I asked her what advise she would give to a new member because I remember when she was new. Her reply was to let the coach know that you are new and seek their help, always have a goal in mind and work on it routinely, don’t worry about weight loss and the scale and most importantly ENJOY it , its hard but worth it.
My words to Kathleen – Thank you for being an inspiration, a friend, a consultant, and a true crossfit sister. Having you at Varsity is clutch and I am glad you drive from Clifton Park, it means a lot to me personally. You have come so far, Keep going, You are an awesome WODpartner always. Thank you for counting all those DUs during the open. I am glad you finally take rest days and learned how to listen to your body. I look forward to many good times and many more PRs. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. You Rock.
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