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Jon sat down with our latest Member Spotlight: 

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When I was mentally toggling thru the list of possible members to interview for this segment of the member spotlight I kept stopping at Jim Day…and rightfully so because this recent member of the month is certainly worth getting to know a little better! As we’ve all gotten to know him over the past 9 or so months it has become abundantly clear that Jim is a stand-up guy! A man with great integrity, morals, values and selflessness. A man that puts hit family before himself. He stepped up when a team needed another male competitor for Fall Face-off, he can always be heard shouting words of encouragement during WODs and lately he has been hitting two-a-days in an effort to become a better CrossFit athlete. With no further ado…let’s get to know him a little better as he’s sure to be a part of our great community for a long time to come!

Occupation: Rocking the dress shirt & slacks by day….Jim is the Director of the Energy Management Program at ARAMARK. I wonder if he still wears tall colorful socks at work?

CrossFit background: Jim has been crossfitting since March 2012 when he joined the ACF/CCP family.

He came to CrossFit after continuously becoming bored with other workouts. Jim says at the time the ‘workout environment was not as supportive as I wanted. I want to be around people who want to work hard, shut out all the noise and distractions and really put in the work to get the changes they want.

Favorite CrossFit WOD: Elizabeth and Grace if he had to choose a named WOD. Jim also says he enjoys chippers as the weights are typically manageable and the Met-Con aspect is right in his wheelhouse.

Diet Plan: ‘None’ says Jim….I am however a little shocked! Jim does say that his focus is on not going overboard on anything bad and he has nearly eliminated soda with the exception of the occasional adult mixed beverage.

Favorite food cheats: “An entire Pizza Hut medium meat lover’s pizza”….that certainly qualifies!

WOD Music: Linkin Park – Lying from You

Complete this sentence: ‘CrossFit should….’: from an ACF/CCP perspective: ‘(continue to) conduct public WOD demos to educate the public and eliminate/reduce the fear people have of CrossFit.’ Jim also states that an ACF/CCP Kids program would be an amazing addition.

Favorite WOD partner: Jim says he likes to WOD with Pat O’Connor & Sean Mulligan. ‘Both of these athletes help me push’. Jim also likes to WOD with Desiré Treski, Jason Rhude, Jon Smith, Phil Sapone and Pi Amin as he’s gotten to know these athletes since starting CrossFit.

Biggest lesson to take away from CrossFit: ‘Everyone is capable of great things and nothing is out of reach. You just need to be committed, train hard, and surround yourself with the right people.’ Very well stated Jim! If you put your mind to it, anything is possible!

Favorite CrossFit Moment: ‘When I became part of the ACF/CCP community’ Jim says this is something that doesn’t just happen by signing up but by getting to know the coaches, fellow athletes and even the drop ins from other boxes.

CrossFit goals for the next: Jim’s 6 month goal is to master the muscle up and string together continuous double unders. His 1 year goal is to perfect the snatch. With Jim’s hard work and dedication I don’t foresee either of these goals being an issue!

Next time you run into Jim chances are he’ll greet you first but if you see him from afar, take it from me, go introduce yourself or say hi to him you won’t regret it!


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