Mary’s Thoughts on Friday Night Fights.

Not everyone feels the same way about competing. Some look forward to
it and spend all their time training for Competition Day – when they
finally get to go head to head.

But others, others tentatively sign up to compete, saying in the very
least they will show up and do their best. Perhaps they do it as part
of a bucket list or as a result of a friend’s encouragement. Hesitant
is the word that best describes this particular competitor’s approach.

I’ve always been a combination of the two, a kind of tentative
competitor. Certain I might hurl right up until it’s 3, 2, 1 … Go.  As
our lovely Strongman Coach Cat can verify; on Competition Day I am
anything but composed but rather a bit of a Diva – nauseous, demanding
Starbucks, chalking to excess, etc.

Enter Friday Night Fights.

What better opportunity to get your competitive feet wet? For two
hours on a Friday night on Sand Creek Rd. you get to don some warrior
paint and see what you’re made of and do so in the supportive
environment of a close knit community.

Let’s face it, at ACF we are family. Watching the entire triple-wide
of athletes and judges and volunteers rally around Patti as she
finished her last set of burpees says it all. We have all been there
and we know what it feels like and that’s the beauty of CrossFit.
Where ever you are along your fitness path, whatever kind of day
you’re having… We all know what it’s like to suffer through those last
burpees or to lift the bar one more damn time when you simply think
you cannot. Especially when you think you cannot. You just do.

What motivates each athlete is different. What drives us is distinct
and individual; we each have our own reasons why. But together, we
show up. Together we check our personal hurdles at the door and bring
our best selves to the triple-wide. In the end it’s simply you against
you.  What better time to test yourself than under the lights of
Friday Night Fights and most importantly in the supportive environment
of our ACF community.