March 2018 – Hannah Gong

We are pumped to announce that Hannah Gong is our March 2018 Member of the Month! Hannah is a fantastic example of what it means to be a member of the CrossFit community at Albany Crossfit. Hannah is hard working and SO strong. The coaching staff was beyond excited to see her named Member of the Month!

Coach James had this to say: “Hannah is not someone who just “goes to the gym to workout.” Instead she walks through our doors almost daily (and sometimes multiple times per day) focused and ready to train with purpose. Hannah’s commitment level to living a lifestyle that supports her goals as an athlete are second to none and are best demonstrated by the fact that she practically lives at Albany CrossFit and her countless personal records.

The list is long, but some of her more recent achievements include setting the ladies gym record for 100 burpees for time at 4:03, a 5rm Back Squat at 240 lbs., a 222.5 lbs. 1rm Front Squat, and a 160 lbs. Clean and Jerk – making her pound for pound one of the strongest athletes in the gym!

Hannah is a pleasure to have in class and in Barbell Club where she frequently enhances the atmosphere in the room with her joyful personality and industrious work ethic. Some of my favorite Hannah moments include her ability to challenge and defeat anyone daring to set up on the platform behind her in Barbell Club (inside BB Club joke), and the gasp, oohs, and awes from the crowds at the weightlifting meets we attend when they see her beautiful technique on the Snatch, and Clean and Jerk for the first time. Congrats Hannah!”

Coach Murph said: “Hannah constantly strives to improve. She is so dedicated to get her workout in! She is one of a small group of athletes that might hit a WOD at 7pm and then come in at 5:30am the next day! She loves shoes (so many shoes), weightlifting (her technique is the envy of the gym), Starbucks (who doesn’t?) and CrossFit (she’s an international athlete). Hannah works hard and pushes herself, always doing more to improve! Congratulations on this great honor.”

Coach Shye added: “Hannah is one of our most dedicated athletes at Albany CrossFit. She works consistently on her Olympic lifts and has achieved some amazing PRs, including making the podium in her most recent Olympic Lifting meet. Her technique is exemplary, and she has also made great improvements in her gymnastic movements. Congratulations Hannah!”

Coach Louis mentioned: “Hannah is committed, smart, and takes pride in all of her work. She spends countless hours and reps to constantly improve technique and skills. A competitor and kind-sport in every event. Although a bit hard on herself at times; it just shows how much she wants to (be)tter herself. Your work ethic is admirable. Great job and congrats Hannah. Now put some weight on the bar! Lol. She makes lifts look too easy, too often.”

Coach Stacey chimed in: “Way to go, Hannah! As a coach and fellow athlete, I just love watching Hannah in the gym! She is so motivating and friendly to all those around her. Hannah is hardworking and truly one of the strongest women I know. Not only does Hannah hit class (and PRs!) pretty much everyday, she does Barbell Club and her own extra skill work during open gym. Hannah is just always at the gym, putting in work, or lending a helping hand during events. She even came to judge at the last FNF, even though she couldn’t compete since she had a meet the next day! Our community is very lucky to have her, and I can’t wait to see what amazing things she does during the Open! Congrats, girl!”

Coach Chris added: “Hannah is one of the hardest working members of ACF. She is always putting in extra time, whether she’s working on gymnastics movements or Olympic lifts. Hannah has worked hard to get ready to improve for the Open and she’s even picked up skills she didn’t have for the Open last year. Hannah also has great technique and crazy flexibility that makes her a great athlete. Hannah is a way better athlete than she thinks she is and will only continue to get better. Hannah is a very big part of the ACF community and we are very lucky to have her. Keep up the great work Hannah!”

Coach Kat said: “Want to see a hard worker? Watch Hannah. Her desire to ‘be better’ as an athlete is amazing. You will always see her in barbell, in a WOD class, and then still sticking around working on a skill. Hannah’s overall improvement in the last few months has been inspiring. Have you guys ever seen her conquer her fear of rope climbs? It’s amazing. The Open season will truly show how ready and dedicated Hannah is. Well deserved. Congratulations Hannah!”

Coach Pat mentioned: “Hannah goes about her business like she is going to school or work. She works hard, is passionate about what she is doing and calls things as she sees them. Always working on something and always has a plan. Great to have in class.”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2018 March Member of the Month, Hannah!