March 2016 – Christina Kranz

kranzThis morning crew is on FIRE! We are excited to announce Christina Kranz as our March Member of the Month! Coach Jim sums up the awesomeness of Christina: Christina is an amazing athlete and a welcomed addition to any class she attends. You will commonly see her spending time before and after each class working on skills she wants to improve or acquire. Every class she radiates a friendly and hardworking attitude. She a pleasure to have a conversation with and when the clock beeps, she gives more than 100 percent and puts everything she has into the workout. Christina consistently keeps herself 1 step outside her comfort zone and challenges herself. The cheerful nature in which pushes herself is often noticed by other members and in turn snowballs to the entire class pushing themselves harder. She has excelled very far in her time at ACF and continues to improve at her own goals and making ACF a better community and place to workout.  Congratulations Christina, we are excited to see your continued progress here at Albany CrossFit.   

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