M is for Mobility

Ali preaches the importance of getting mobile: albany gym

Sore, achy, out of whack?

The programming has taken a different turn this summer and many of you are pushing yourselves through some of the toughest workouts we have seen in a while. Make sure that you are listening to your body.  Take proper amounts of rest days.  Use fish oil.  Eat properly. Get an good night’s sleep.

And most importantly, MOBILIZE!

Many of us do not take enough time before and after our workouts to take care of our bodies.  With the increased amounts of overhead and Oly-lifts, we should all be focusing in on our hips and shoulders.

Take some time to watch the Mobility videos that Caleb posts each week.  Your body will be forever greatful for it.  Feel like getting closer to someone at the gym? Partner stretch! If you don’t have time at the gym, go home and roll out on a lacrosse ball or do the “Couch Stretch” before you go to bed.   If you have a specific question, there are so many coaches and interns at your disposal that can help you out.

If you haven’t yet, look at “How to Warm-up Properly and videos on joint mobility, foam rolling, and squat therapyall located on our NEW AND IMPROVED SITE!

We all love that feeling of coming into the box and crushing a workout, so making sure that your body is totally ready for that each and every day is extremely important. Keep working hard and keep mobilizing and your body will thank you not only for how good it looks, but how it feels!