Love the Struggle

As I sit here tonight, unpacking and washing clothes and watching the archived video from this past weekends CrossFit games, I started to process what actually happened this weekend.

I looked forward to this weekend for such a long time.  It would be my first time to the CrossFit Regionals, and it would be my first time in the almost 2 years I have been doing CrossFit to go to a big event like this.  I was going to Regionals to volunteer, but also because I wanted to see for myself, as a coach what goes on at regionals.  We always hear about a CrossFit community, but we only know mostly our community within our own gyms.  We hear about the fittest men and women, well I wanted to see this group of fit people and see them go head to head.   Such an amazing and big event how is it all done?  Well I am going to break down this post into two sections.  One will be my experience as a volunteer and  just being around CFHQ and many other countless volunteers who gave of their time.  The second part will be probably an over emotional sappy description regarding community.

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