Looking back on Mission Hope

One word sums up Mission Hope, EPIC. From start to finish this was one of the most incredible events ever hosted by Albany CrossFit

This event would not have happened without KimDesire, and Will. These 3 who have "real" jobs still found time on a daily basis to talk, strategize, and plan to make sure this event ran smoothly, safely, and challenged all. Check, check, and check. Thanks to all the other volunteers that stayed up all night to help keep team on track, JasonJames, and Patrick.

I could not be more impressed with all 30 athletes. I had my doubts, not in anyone individually, I simply knew how challenging this would be and each and every one of you impressed me. The camaraderie, teamwork, selflessness, drive, determination, perseverance, and stubbornness, you all showed will serve to make all challenges you face going forward seem like child's play.

Ultimately this event was bigger than any one person. It was for a cause near and dear to all of our hearts. We raised over $1500 for CrossFit for Hope and that's something we should all be proud of. Like I said before the kick-off, these kids would do anything to participate in this event, and you did not let them down.

I hope this is something you can all look back on for the rest of your lives and be proud of. 

Next year will be even bigger and better. Training starts now!