Lisa Evans. –Coach Andrew

1384144_10151759897048737_42688990_nThroughout the past two years at Albany CrossFit I have seen a lot of faces come and go. There is this one person that I have the privilege of coaching each morning at 6:30 am. She always comes in with a bright smile and a friendly hello. Most of you may not know her, but her name is Lisa Evans. Within the past few months I have been challenging her to add more weight to her lifts and it has paid off as she has had numerous PR’s as of late. I also like to play a game with Lisa where when she is distracted during a metcon, I like to add weight onto her bar. This doesn’t phase her at all. She looks at the bar, shakes her head at me and continues to do the metcon with the added weight. 
Lisa is now coming up on her two year anniversary at Albany CrossFit. At the same time, she will be undergoing surgery on her wrist. Instead of having a defeated attitude, Lisa is instead staying positive and plans to continue to come in and WOD. Although it may not be the same exact WOD that everyone else is doing, Lisa is determined to come in and continue to achieve her fitness goals. I wish the best for Lisa during her surgery and I can’t wait to see her walk through the doors of Albany CrossFit again with that bright smile on her face. 
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