Lessons Learned

Alex gives some lessons:

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Life is about the choices we make; right or wrong, they add up to the lessons we learn along way. We learn from the wrong choices, and build upon the right ones. 

The lesson: You will never know until you try. 

Seems like common sense right?! Not always.  Sometimes fear, ego, or some predisposition will hold us back from attempting what we think to be impossible.

Let's apply this to our CrossFit lives.

For instance, you want to be healthy and fit but how are you going to achieve this? Maybe you tried running and maybe didn't like it or it wasn't working like you had hoped, so now you have to look for something else to do. You come up with a few options…maybe you went to spinning, kickboxing, or whatever.  Now you're at CrossFit. The fact that you are still trying is what matters. Perhaps those things didn't work for you, or better yet, you were able to take some of the valuable tools from another discipline and apply it going forward.

Perhaps you still look at things in CrossFit with apprehension, or a mindset that it can never be achieved. Something like double unders or box jumps, or muscle-ups. Avoiding it is not the answer.  Test yourself, and then you will know.  Maybe it's not perfect. Maybe you fail, but now you know where you are, and now we can help you moving towards that goal.

The right choice is to try.

So answer this: what will you try next?

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