Lenora Pfeffer: Still crazy after all these years.

I love the strongman classes and community at Albany CrossFit. I keep coming back from loyalty to Cat, and her incredible training, and this is my nuclear family within my Albany CrossFit family.

The biggest improvements have been in my low back, leg, and shoulder strength and overall mobility. It also keeps me focused on goals. The programming has helped my stamina, and I was not winded at my most recent competition hurrying with a 100lb keg, and sandbag, and running back and forth to get them.

I am functionally strong, and expected and able to move heavy boxes for my family, and shovel heavy wet snow. Cat's programming includes conditioning, so, I'm not winded carrying loads quickly. I am also calmer since I am more focused, and have the emotional outlet of lifting heavy sh*t.

Out of all the funny stuff (and there's plenty), it was during the 2009 Burpee Challenge, when Jason the ball into the original court where I was doing burpees, and Marley ran in front of me, mid-burpee. The comic timing was priceless. My second favorite moment, was when TJ walked out ahead of me saying, "she talks a lot".