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In our pursuits of world class fitness we often overlook a very important aspect of CrossFit – To regularly learn and play new sports. Fitness is not just about heavy Deadlifts, Handstands and killer workouts. Activities outside of the WOD room are also an excellent way to continue pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone by developing new skills mentally, physically and socially. There are a million things out there that you can that will help you be better than yesterday and Albany CrossFit is happy to provide some options for you.

Rock Climbing:

Did you know we have a Rock Climbing wall in our building and that it is part of your membership at Albany CrossFit? Rock Climbing is a great way to build strength in your arms, upper body and core which will yield to better results in WODs over time. There are also many mental benefits as each course is like a puzzle that requires you to think analytically, plan your action and be patient. Ask our Front Desk Staff about how you can start using the rock wall – oh! And bring a friend!

Racquet Ball, Squash, Badminton, Ping Pong and Handball:

Coordination,   Balance, Agility and Accuracy are important aspects of your health and fitness. A great way to improve upon them would be to learn and play some of the Racquet Sports we offer at our facility. Don’t know how to play? No problem! We have the best instructor in the Capital District – our very own Shye Evans! He is available for lessons all the time, all you have to do is chat with him at the gym or shoot him an email at [email protected].


Wallyball is a much faster-paced version of Volleyball that is played on a racquet ball court. You use a net and ball similar to Volleyball, but the rules are slightly different and you are allowed to hit the ball off of the walls. This is a fun, action packed sport that can be played with any number of players. Grab a bunch of friends or fellow athletes after a WOD and give this one a shot!


A little known secret in our building is the existence of a Basketball hoop. That’s right! I said a Basketball hoop! Basketball is a great competitive outlet where you can also burn calories and build your endurance. Our hoop attaches to our racquet ball courts and is available upon request. Challenge a friend to a game post workout or bring a group. If you want to shoot some hoops just ask Shye or the Front Desk Staff how you can get started!


Our gym has been the proud sponsor of a Coed Softball Team in the Lynn’s Softball League since 2012. Our team plays hard and even made it to the finals last season losing only by one point in game 3! Although we play to win, winning is not the only thing we strive for, but community, camaraderie and helping others improve their game. Don’t have any experience? That is more than okay! Softball is a sport anyone can play! We will gladly teach you everything you will need to know. You do not have to be a member of Albany CrossFit to join, we want to make as many new friends as possible.

The season starts Tuesday April 28th!

Contact Pete by emailing him at [email protected] or calling 518-269-1293.

Join in on all the fun and try some new sports!

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