Lean on the Community.

Jason Murphy continues on his Journey.

If you are one of those people that started eating clean January 1st then I congratulate you! I know that if I had started the first it would be setting myself up for failure. I had just gotten a batch of brownies from my Aunt. She has a talent for them, just slightly soft in the middle. I started January 2nd, after the brownies were out of my house.  I have cut out all the unhealthy foods and all of the semi-healthy ones. To do that you need to set yourself up for success. 

After you figure out your goal, and tell people, you need a plan. You know my goal, 21 days of strict paleo. My plan was as follows, I got rid of the unhealthy food. Next I brought in some healthy foods and prepped them ahead of time. I also scheduled my workouts into my day, now I have no question of when im working out or what I am eating.

I know that this is not as simple as it sounds. I miss those holiday treats, I had a nightmare that I ate potato chips. Cravings should never control your life, always have a healthy option available. Life will always present situations that test your resolve. 

Are you willing to put in the effort to get what you want? Albany CrossFit is one of the most positive places with some of the most caring people around. Lean on this community for support, that’s my plan going forward.

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