Kettlebell Fundamentals

Anyone looking to improve some skills? Need to perfect your hip drive? Need a deeper, more powerful squat? Want to understand what ‘stay tight’ really means? clifton park fitness

Welcome to Kettlbell Fundamentals!

This is a new class being offered to all members, designed to better prepare you for the transition in to the regular "Hells Bells" or Kettlebell Conditioning Classes with Viv and Kia.  Not only will this help your progress in the kettlebell classes, this will have a great transfer over in to your regular CrossFit WODs.

What you can expect:

• Develop proper form and technique
• Emphasis on Kettlebell Safety
• Enhanced performance and increased level of comfort with the foundational Kettlebell movements
• Reinforcing the importance of the hips in Kettlebell movements that transfer to core functional and strength exercises found in CrossFit
• Ultimately gets you prepared for “Hells Bells” with Viv and Kia.

Classes will be held on Monday at 6pm at Clifton Park for 4 weeks starting April 15th.

Who's in?!

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