Keeping a Balance

Ali offers perspective on finding balance:

Balance. albany fitness

It is a part of our every day lives in different context. Whether it is CrossFit, our jobs, families, or relationships, we are always trying to find a balance.

You know the feeling.  Maybe you took on too much responsibility, maybe there are too many stressors.  The things you once loved are now a burden.

This can also translate into how you view a CrossFit workout.

So ask yourself: How's your balance? Do you take it into consideration when you are trying to get that heavy load over head, or when you are attempting that HSPU? Balance has more to do with it than you know. That heavy load that you are feeling in life, can be that PR that you cannot get because there is something out of whack in your technique. We first want to attack our strength and say "we are weak" and that is why you are not getting that PR. Instead of blaming your strength, take a step back and look at the big picture. Is your core tight, are you locking out, are you balanced?

Sometimes stepping back to reevaluate your life and enjoy activities again could be the trick.

The same thing goes for training.

Do not be afraid to drop back on weight to make sure your technique is better. Do not be afraid to take that day to just mobilize instead of working out.

Sometimes you need that rest and reflect to get you back on track in CrossFit, and in life.

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