Kayla Breaks Up with Carbs

Kayla Breaks Up With Carbs – The Beginning clifton park fitness

It’s been a long road…We’ve had some of our happiest moments together…discovering Ben and Jerry’s Late Night Snack with chocolate covered potato chips in vanilla ice cream, the college 4am weekend ritual at Paesans, my sister’s infamous French Toast Casserole, years of surviving on spaghetti, the short obsession with Rubens from the Hill Street Café and the french fries…oh…the french fries…I could go on.

But every relationship has ups and downs. Although the moments we shared at the table were (deliciously) unforgettable, so were the times in front of the mirror zeroing in on the growing muffin top, the tightening jeans, the shrinking clothes, and dare I say it…the unbuttoning of the pants.

It’s time to face the truth…this relationship is simply no good. It’s time to move on. It is time to accept that the bad times outweigh the good (no pun intended), and loving you is like loving a house on fire. It’s over. No, we cannot talk this through over a romantic Italian dinner. No we cannot “take a break” and only hook up on the weekends. That’s only a recipe for disaster and we both know it. Let’s make it a clean break this time…goodbye my love.

I leave you with this: