June 2018 – Jonny G.

June Member of the Month:

We are thrilled to announce that Jonny G. is our June 2018 Member of the Month! We are so excited to celebrate you! Jonny is turning 50 this month, proving that things really do get (BE)TTER with age! Anyone who has been around Jonny G. would agree that his positive attitude and energy are inspiring! You can’t help but workout with a big smile when you’re around him! Here are some things our coaches had to say about Jonny G.

Coach James had this to say: “Jonny G.!!!!! I’m so pumped that Mr. G is the member of the month! One of my favorite parts about coaching is having Jonny G. in my classes every Tuesday and Thursday. His enthusiasm to work hard from the start of class to the very end brings a smile to my face every time. You will be hard pressed to find someone who pushes harder in WODs – Jonny G. simply never slows no matter how difficult the challenge. This honor is so well deserved and long overdue, Jonny G. is a force of positive energy within our gym and I’m so happy he is a part of our community. He makes all of us (BE)TTER.”

Coach Murph said: “Jonny G. is more than just enthusiastic when he comes to class. His awesome attitude gets the whole class pumped. He works hard in the WOD, but is also a big part of the community. He volunteers at our events (I remember him volunteering at Regionals years ago) and helps with the Best Buddies WOD every year. When you see Jonny G., be sure to give him a fist bump and say congrats on becoming our newest member of the month!”

Coach Shye added: “There’s no doubt in my mind that Jonny G. is the most enthusiastic athlete at Albany CrossFit. He always has a great attitude when he steps into class. You know as a coach is he going to put maximum effort into the WOD. But what also is impressive is he never compromises his technique, whether it’s a barbell movement or something as basic as an air squat. I am so excited that Jonny G. is our member of the month!”

Coach Louis mentioned: “JONNY G.! I’d have to say he’s my favorite person. Jonny is the most inspiring guy I’ve worked alongside. There’s never a moment of doubt in this man. Jonny once told me his secret ” I just slap the wall a few times and say you can do this baby!” I often see Jonny G. go through this pre-WOD routine and without failure it works every time. He provides energy to the class every time he’s around. The most genuine dude I’ve met. Always positive and smiling. I’d like to thank you Mr. Jonny G.; because every time I need a dose of courage I pull from your amazing outlook in class and life. You are truly one of a kind. Happy 50th G! And congratulations buddy.”

Coach Chris mentioned: “Well, all I can say is it’s about time! I can’t believe that Jonny G. has not already been the Member of the Month. If there’s one person who makes every class awesome it’s Jonny G. His infectious spirit just makes me smile. He is always in a great mood, always says Hi, and I love how proud he is of himself after every WOD! (I love his wall slaps) Jonny loves the long Saturday WODs and he continues to get better every weekend. Recently he attended the skills class and got upside down for the first time!! It’s so awesome that he is willing to try new things and push himself! Having Jonny G. in my classes is one of the best parts of being a coach. We are very lucky to have Jonny at ACF. Great Job Jonny G., and keep getting better every day!”

Coach Kat said: “I haven’t been this excited to write a member of the month nomination in a long time. It’s not to downplay any of the previous winners or the candidates that we nominate; but who better to represent the qualities and drive of a member of the month recipient than our very own Jonny G.! This guy is the epitome of what we look for in every aspect and quality of not only a member of the month but a caring and dedicated individual who we are lucky enough to have in our CrossFit family. I’m super pumped for Jonny G. and excited to continue to see his success. Congrats!”

Coach Stacey chimed in: “Jonny G. is a rock star at ACF, and one of my favorite people ever!! I’m so excited to see him celebrated as member of the month, and what better time than his birthday month! When you’re around Jonny G., you can’t help but be happy! His energy in class in contagious and he gets everyone around him pumped up! Whether I am working out alongside him, or coaching him, he never ceases to amaze me with his drive and determination. Thank you Jonny G.! Thank you for being such a bright light in our gym community! We are so lucky to have you at ACF! Congrats, buddy!”

Coach Pat added: “It is ALWAYS a pleasure to have Jonny G. in class. He never ceases to put a smile on your face. His enthusiasm and great attitude is infectious. He works hard everyday that he comes in and cheer-leads everyone in class. He is also very gracious and thankful for each little thing that might happen. He never gets down and is a model for the community. Well deserved and long overdue.”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2018 June Member of the Month, Jonny G.!

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