June 2015 – Laura Clough

lauraThe morning super star Laura Clough is our June Member of the Month.  Coach Des says she ‘is always cheering on other athletes after she has finished her WOD.  If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work out with Laura return the favor and cheer her on too.  She is the type of person who is willing to help out in class and with events we host or volunteer for.  Congrats Laura and keep up the great work!’  Coach Kyle adds ‘Laura is the type who only needs to hear a cue once and she spends all week working on it. She works on handstand skills for 10 minutes after every class, after the post-wod mobility, of course.’ We are excited to have Laura in our community at Albany CrossFit.  Congratulations Laura on being named Albany CrossFit’s June Member of the Month!







Dr. B AFCAlbany CrossFit’s Member of the Month is proudly sponsored by Dr. Bianca Treski of Active Family Chiropractic. Dr. B is our resident “Spine Coach” and she shares in our mission to help make others better than they were yesterday. Members of the Month receive a complimentary $50 assessment card to use at Dr. B’s office. Please see Coach James to claim your prize!

Contact Dr. B:

Site: www.AF-Chiropractic.com

Phone: (518) 452-2800

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