June 2013 – Nicholas Germano (ACF)


It's rare that the honor of Member of the Month to be given to an athlete in such a short time, but with Nick Germano leaving Albany this week, and the way he clearly defines all the characteristics we look for in a MOM, we couldn’t have him leave without knowing how much he brought to Albany Crossfit.  Here are just a few things his fellow athletes had to say about him:

Chad: Never heard a negative word come out of his mouth.  And those dimples!

Adam : Overall great dude. Knew him for 10 days it was like we were friends for 10 years. Constant motivation and attention to detail. Only thing not to like about him is the fact he's leaving!

Carolyn: He is a true leader, he makes sure everyone is included and makes sure everyone knows he has their back. He is kind and always ready to have fun. He makes everyone around him comfortable and I'm a better person for having known him

Bill: There are certain people I like to wod next to because they maintain form, clearly push themselves, and always remain upbeat. Nick is one of those few folks that are an inspiration to work out next to, and help me better myself during the wod. He likes everyone he meets more than the last. I've never seen him meet someone and not connect with them. Also, I like when he takes his shirt off.

Brittany: Encouraging and supportive of those around him. He brought me in a notepad as a parting gift for me to record my WODs in.  I literally just told him in passing the other day how I haven't been keeping track, but want to so I can work on making progress. He wants to make sure I PR on all my 1RMs. What a thoughtful guy. He has made a lasting impression on most everyone at Albany CrossFit in just the few short months he's been here! He'll be greatly missed.

Audra: He is always trying his hardest to get a new PR. And he often does! He's always pushing you and encouraging you to push yourself

Kyle D: He has phenomenal hair. His hair game dominates mine and I'm not even mad; I respect it . He's just an overall great guy to be around–very positive and enthusiastic.
Kyle V: Nick is the best at taking his shirt off in the bar and doing air squats.
Lexi: Noooo, Nicholas cannot leave! Everyone described Nick in all the correct ways.. He's just an awesome guy to be around and I hope he comes to visit a lot!

You will not only be missed by Team Weird but all that you have interacted with at Albany CrossFit.  I have no doubt great things are in your future and that you will continue to represent in the Crossfit community of Iowa.  Congratulations and good luck!