JULY 2018 – Taylor Cardona

We are excited to announce that Taylor Cardona is our July 2018 Member of the Month! Taylor is a fantastic example of what it means to be a part of the CrossFit community! She and her husband Will, the newlyweds, are valued members of the ACF family! Taylor has been hitting PRs and crushing daily workouts, as well as dominating in our in house competitions! Here are some things our coaching staff had to say about Taylor:

Coach James had this to say: “Taylor is definitely someone who comes to mind when I think of an athlete who embodies our gym value of pursuing excellence. Since joining the gym, Taylor has worked hard to master the basics making great progress on gymnastic skills such as pull-ups and handstand push-ups. She is very coachable, attentive in class, and frequently challenges her fitness by participating in Friday Night Fights community events as well as the CrossFit OPEN. Taylor also volunteered at last years Fall Face Off competition and her help that day was greatly appreciated. My favorite Taylor moments include her persistently fighting through full reps on the Diane WOD while using a heavier than normal deadlift weight in addition to performing HSPUs off a few Ab mats and her recent 120 lbs. PR Clean and Jerk (a 15 lbs. improvement). Taylor is simply a badass and a great member of our community. I’m excited to see her continue to improve! Congrats Taylor!!”

Coach Murph said: “I do not get to see Taylor in many of my classes, but she is always at our events. She is super positive and a great example of what makes this community special. Congratulations on this well deserved award!”

Coach Shye added: “Taylor exemplifies what is to be a CrossFit athlete. She has made incredible improvements since she became a member of Albany CrossFit in April 2017. From starting with bar pullups to hitting Rx pullups in WODs to improving her lifts by huge percentages, Taylor is the model for (Be)tter! Congratulations Taylor for being our newest Member of the Month!!”

Coach Pat mentioned: “Taylor is a pleasure to have in class. She works hard and pushes herself no matter what the task. I also heard that she had some big life event a few weeks back and it never seemed to get in the way of hitting class and making gains. She listens to coaching and adjusts accordingly. She participates in community events and is always positive. Great member and athlete and well deserving of M.O.M.”

Coach Stacey chimed in: “Yeah, Taylor! Way to go girl! Taylor has been making major gainz lately! I feel like every time I coach her, she’s just gotten better and (BE)TTER! She works hard on her skills, such as pull-ups, and it is definitely paying off. I’ve been seeing her throw around some heavy weight on that barbell as well! She is a wonderful member of the community, and participates in events, with her hubby Will. She is kind and funny, and a joy to have in class. I can’t wait to see what big PRs are in store for July! Congrats!!”

Coach Louis added: “Taylor is quiet, but has made it very easy to spot in class going 110%. Her basics are on point and has quickly developed Rx skills. She’s dedicated her attention when in the building to getting (be)tter at every aspect of fitness. I can recall her and new hubby Will taking advantage of coach Deso’s skills class after crushing the Saturday WODs. Very humbled and smart in her approach to getting to next level; exactly what lasting functional skills require. Very glad to hear we have come to a huge agreement on our July member of the month. Congrats Taylor. You’ve just begun and yet so strong!”

Coach Chris mentioned: “I’m so glad that Taylor is the member of the month. It has been great to watch her continuously improve, frequently PRing her lifts and getting better with all of her skills. She’s always willing to put in extra time and was a frequent skills class member. Both Taylor and Will are great additions to ACF and we are very lucky to have them as part of our community. Keep up the great work Taylor!”

Coach Kat said: “I wanted to drop a line and say I am super excited to see Taylor be named Member of the Month here at ACF. From day 1 she has proven she wants to always be better and it’s clearly paying off. She’s a fantastic athlete as well as student. Taylor is always receptive to our coaching and working to improve. Congratulations Taylor! Keep kickin’ ass.”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2018 July Member of the Month, Taylor!

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