July 2015 – Brenden Nunziata

brendenWe are excited to announce Brenden Nunziata as Albany CrossFit’s July Member of the Month.  Brenden embodies what we pride ourselves on here at Albany CrossFit; a positive community member.  He is a strong, positive, eager to learn athlete who is constantly looking to better himself and everyone around him.  You will often find Brenden finishing first in class and quickly running over to cheer on his fellow athletes to a strong finish.  He always accepts the challenge of the WOD.  He usually completes the workouts as prescribed, but is humble enough to check his ego at the door and scale accordingly when needed.  This is what sets Brenden apart.  He has made tremendous gains since joining Albany CrossFit and sat on top of our leader board during the 2015 CrossFit Games Open.  We are happy to see Brenden pursuing his dream of becoming a physical education teacher and to play football in college, but sad to see him go in a few short months off to college.  Congratulations Brenden on becoming the July Member of the Month.


Dr. B AFCAlbany CrossFit’s Member of the Month is proudly sponsored by Dr. Bianca Treski of Active Family Chiropractic. Dr. B is our resident “Spine Coach” and she shares in our mission to help make others better than they were yesterday. Members of the Month receive a complimentary $50 assessment card to use at Dr. B’s office. Please see Coach James to claim your prize!

Contact Dr. B:

Site: www.AF-Chiropractic.com

Phone: (518) 452-2800


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