July 2013 – Pete Gannon (ACF)

Written by Alex Cadmus

This might be a biased post from my point of view because I've seen Pete progress to where he is today from the very beginning.The first day he stepped into boot camp, with his long slicked back hair under a backwards hat; "just call me 'Gannon,'" he says. First thought was, I wonder if this guy is gonna stick around. And since then he has, and we all are happy he did.

P.G. has put in every ounce of effort he has since he joined and the rewards of that effort are paying off big time. He single handedly started the Whole30 craze around the gym a few months ago which helped numerous people along the way improve themselves. From being a much healthier person medically, to being full of jokes and full of advice on women, everyone's day is better when Gannon walks in the door at ACF.

If you are ever wondering if he'shere…just look for the crime scene of sweat on the floor.