January 2019 – Janet

We are thrilled to announce that Janet Shaughnessy will be kicking off the new year as January 2019 Member of the Month! Janet is kind, strong and determined! We are so happy to have her as a member of our community! Here are some things the coaching staff had to say about Janet:

Coach James had this to say: “I’m so happy Janet is our new Member of the Month! Since joining the gym Janet has made a lot of progress that can be attributed to her amazing work ethic. When she comes to class Janet scales workouts intelligently, listens intently to instruction, and pushes the limits of her comfort zone. Recently Janet completed our 100,000m Holiday Rowing Challenge. It was awesome to see her come in on her own outside of class and spend time on a rower. As a bonus, she even PRed her 10k row by 1:32 on day 1 of the challenge. Congrats Janet! And thank you for always bringing in amazing cookies during the holidays!”

Coach Murph said: “Janet is not your typical athlete, she is proof that CrossFit is for everyone. When she came to Albany CrossFit she could not squat below parallel or do a burpee. Her hard work the last few years has paid off and Janet is much fitter. But, being member of the month is not just about how athletic you are. Janet is an awesome member of the community and a pleasure to have in class! She comes in with a great attitude and is not afraid to try things that are difficult. If you ever get a chance to workout with Janet you will be impressed by how hard she pushes herself. I am proud that Janet is our January member of the month for 2019! Congratulations!”

Coach Shye added: “Janet joined Albany CrossFit back in November of 2015 with limited experience in many of the exercises we perform in CrossFit. She has come along way by pushing herself hard in every WOD and being very receptive to the coaches’ instructions. She is also an active participant in our community events, always providing some delicious baked goods to our holiday gatherings. Congratulations Janet!”

Coach Stacey said: “Congrats, Janet! If you are in need of some extra motivation, just watch this lady! She not only has physical toughness, but mental toughness as well! I love how Murph put it, she is proof that CrossFit is for everyone! She loves to challenge herself and is such a fun athlete to coach! She is friendly to everyone she encounters and ACF is lucky to have her as a member!”

Coach Louis mentioned: “Janet is one of the sweetest members we have. She always works hard and is very open to coaching advice. Janet should remind us all that it isn’t about being the fastest to finish a workout or going Rx in WODs to get noticed. Rather seeing the determined get better and never give up. Congrats Janet.”

Coach Pat chimed in: “I have not had Janet in class in quite some time but from what I have heard from others coaches is that she has made tremendous strides. She is in early on Sundays getting her WOD on and is a great addition to our community – congratulations!”

Coach Chris added: “Congratulations Janet!! Janet works hard in every class. She pushes herself and is not afraid to try harder scaling options. Janet is continues to get better and stronger and we are very lucky to have her as an ACF member. Great job Janet.”

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the 2019 January Member of the Month, Janet!

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