January 2016 – Tammie Jones

Entering into 2016, all of us want to better ourselves. We want to get our nutrition on track, lift heavier, go faster, increase Tammiemobility; we want to be better. Our January member of the month has been constantly putting effort and dedication into bettering herself, while also pouring her heart and soul into her family and community.  Her recovery and progress has been phenomenal. How does she do it?!

We are excited to share that our member of the month to start the year is none other than the famous Tammie Jones!

Coach Shye says “She has great awareness of her physical limitations. She has made a concerted effort in improving her mobility by taking Yoga classes every week. She always comes with a great attitude to every WOD as well.”

Longtime morning crew member Brandy says “Tammie’s attitude is awesome!  Her energy for CrossFit is the reason I joined and I am so glad for it.  I love how she pushes herself.  Her smile in class always cheers everyone up!  She always puts me in a good mood.”

Coach James mentioned “Tammie was one of the very first people I met when I came to Albany CrossFit! She is a very welcoming person to newcomers in our community, has an incredibly positive attitude, and an unmatched work ethic. Although I rarely get to see her anymore since she attends classes in the early morning; it is always pleasant when our paths cross and we can catch up about training, and the family (Robert, Sarah, Donald, and Bob!). I know she recently hit Fran RX for the first time – congrats!!”

Morning coach Murph raves about Tammie. He says “This January many of us will set goals and have New Year’s resolutions. At Albany CrossFit these goals can help us to keep pushing when times are tough. When we feel like we cannot succeed we have to remember that we are more powerful than we can imagine. My goal this year is to be more like Tammie Jones. Tammie has been a member of Albany CrossFit for years.  Through those years I’ve worked out with her and her entire family. Because of her attitude and determination to never let anything stop her she is someone we should all aspire to be like.

Recently I’ve become one of Tammie’s coaches and am honored to have her in my classes. Tammie is one of the hardest working athletes that I know. She does not let any physical limitations stop her and is determined to push herself every single day. She has accomplished so much over the years that there is no doubt that she deserves the recognition of member of the month.

More than her physical accomplishments, she is a part of the Albany CrossFit community. She is always part of our events, parties, fundraisers, and volunteer efforts. She also recently competed in our Friday Night Fights event. I can honestly say that she could have been the member of the month many times over and it’s with great pleasure we declare Tammie Jones the January 2016 member of the month.”

From all of us here at Albany CrossFit, congratulations Tammie!

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