It’s the final countdown…Coach Kat the Preggo

KatOfficially in the third trimester! Woah.  I have really scaled back on the amount of times a week I hit a WOD and also the movements I am doing.  I am sticking to mostly strict movements like the press, ring row, squat, while stepping away from hip driven movements like the jerk, thruster, wall ball.  I have said goodbye to bumpers on the bar for now and am just working to stay, well, moving.  As my body is shifting and moving around getting ready for the ultimate WOD called “birth…for time: have a child” I need to watch out for my hips.  That being said; I have recently heard many athletes complain about sore or tight hips.   #hipsdontlie

A few tips I find helpful – couch stretch! As much and often as possible. Roll out your IT bands like they are your best friend!  Get right into those hips and roll down to above your knees! Multiple times. One last idea, hamstrings.  Those big muscles in the back of your leg deserve some love. And by love I don’t mean sit on a roller and pretend to roll.  Rotate around and smash out all that hamstring tightness!

I also recently added in swimming to my routine.  It’s easy on the joints, yet a great workout. You guys should all get in a pool and do a few laps! It’s really fun and obviously totally different than what we do at Albany CrossFit, yet a crucial part of staying on top of the ever changing sport of CrossFit.  Constantly varied! There are many local pools in our area.  Drop in to a one and get your swim on! Or ask general murph and Jay to buy us one! Or shye… Or anyone.

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