I get by with a little help from my friends.

My 21 day paleo challenge is over. I have to be honest, this was not easy, the first week I felt horrible. I had food nightmares about eating junk food. I craved everything…but potatoes were the worst. I was still sick and had been for a month.  Every WOD felt slow and worse, I felt fat.

Week two was a bit easier, I was cooking more and eating out less. It felt like I was in control of what food I ate and where it came from. This was the point where I noticed some weight loss. Cravings were less intense and I was finally drinking enough water.

The third week of clean eating brought some huge differences, I felt better. My cold cleared up! When you start to see the results, it gets easier. The aches and pains started to disappear and I was feeling better in WODs. Most importantly other people noticed that I was getting thinner.

I survived without the sugar and processed food for the whole 21 days. I was able to do this because my girlfriend was on board, she cooked paleo and even started CrossFitting. Everyone at Albany CrossFit helped me stay honest, pushing me in workouts and asking me how I was doing. Writing your goals can help you clarify them but, telling a supportive group of people about them can help you achieve them.

I lost weight over the past 21 days, my knee no longer hurts, my cold cleared up, and after 150 wallball shots I can walk up and down the stairs. This experience has been so good I think I will take it a little further. I am going to go a Second round of 21 days.

What is your next small Goal?

How can I help you achieve it?

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