How Lurong Living Helps And How You Can Save 10%

Our fearless leader, Jay Ackerman, isn’t in the habit of doing product endorsements. And neither is the legendary CrossFit Oly weighlifiting coach Mike Burgener.
But both Jay and Coach B. have become big fans of the Lurong Living Deer Velvet antler supplement.
Jay says: “I have been using it about two years. I recover better and am less achy.  Most of our coaching staff takes it. I'd recommend it because it allows you to train harder more often.”

Coach B. adds: “I have been extremely impressed by how well it works. For the first time in years, I am waking up in the morning without an aching back. I believe Lurong Living essential is a nutritional necessity for athletes and active people of any age.”

You can watch Coach’s Burgener’s full video below, but his key point is that he’s always looked for natural ways to gain a competitive edge.

And the natural part is really the essence of the Luring Living story. 

Lurong Living is not synthesized in a lab. It is a whole food that provides powerful nutritional components not otherwise found in the American diet. A growing body of scientific evidence from leading doctors supports the efficacy of Lurong Living. Find out more at

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