How do you want to be coached?

What if every one you came into contact with told you what they were feeling? Is that too crazy? Well, think about this, as coaches, we deal with over 100 athletes each and every day. That's 100 different people, with 100 different likes and dislikes, 100 different attitudes, 100 different experiences, and so much more.

What can you do to help? Great question! albany bootcamp

Talk to your coach. We promise you, if you approach us and let us know your strengths and weaknesses in today's workout or the type of coaching you like, ie. "yell at me" or "just leave me alone" we will love it! It will not only allow us to coach you better, it will allow us to lead a more effective class.

We are good, but we are not mind readers.

What is Jason trying to say now?

Don't hesitate to approach a coach. It is not only our job, it is our passion, something we love to do, and by talking to us you let us do our job better. Show up 5 minutes early, pull the coach aside and give him an insight into your style of learning and how we can help you perform your best. We will appreciate it.