How Booty Came to Be

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Hi there ACF/CCP! Many of you may know of me because I help out with coaching or you know that Ihave competed for the ACF Affiliate team. I’m not the most outgoing or outspoken person so I figured I’d let you all in on some things about myself!

Where Booty lived

I was born and raised in Mesa, AZ and moved to Utica, NY back in 1999 then moved to Albany in 2006. I know it is weird to leave Arizona but I was following my heart after a boy and ended up staying because I needed to finish my undergrad or risk losing a lot of credit hours. Once I finished my degree I was hired with Pepsi in the Albany area and have enjoyed living here ever since.

What activities developed Booty

While growing up I played softball through most of my elementary school years but stopped once it turned in to fast pitch because I didn’t think I was all that good, or I just had a bad coach. The other activity I absolutely loved was riding horses and started taking riding lessons around age 8. I learned how to ride in the English saddle and did dressage, show jumping, and cross-country jumping (all this sounds a lot fancier than it was, but it was fun!) Unfortunately, riding horses is an incredibly expensive hobby and my parents could no longer afford it so I stopped around age 12. Then I was just kind of lazy until a teacher saw potential in me while playing volley ball and convinced me to try out for the team and I was hooked from 8th grade through 10th grade, playing Club volleyball my Freshman year
and made the Varsity team my Sophomore. I got robbed my Junior year and did not make the team, so I got chunky the rest of year and decided to run track to lose some weight. Then over the summer I signed up for a gym membership and worked with a personal trainer and was in very good shape by the beginning of Senior year, and this was first year my a$$ received recognition from boys. I was given the nickname “the bomb”. In addition to the gym membership I also got back into riding horses, this time it was Western saddle and I participated in High School Rodeo and did Barrel Racing and Pole Bending. After graduating high school I started going to a community college but continued riding and going to the gym.

Booty on the move

It was at work that I met the guy I moved across the country for, so to the thriving metropolis of Utica, NY I went. It wasn’t all that bad as I tend to make the best of where I am, but I soon realized he was not worth sticking in a relationship for and I moved into an apartment on my own. While still in Utica I met another guy and once I graduated college we both moved to the Albany area and later became engaged and moved in together up in Clifton Park. The engagement didn’t work out so well and I left and moved to Green Island, where I currently reside.

When Booty got the name…Booty

I started CrossFit in September 2008 at Albany CrossFit and this is where I actually got the nickname Booty, though I am not completely certain how I got the name. I guess you just have to ask Jay Ackerman, he is the one who started it and from there everybody took it and ran with it. From the first time I walked in the doors of ACF I was hooked and always wanted to do more, learn more, and push harder. In the spring of 2009 I learned about CrossFit Regionals and with very little convincing I signed up, I had no idea what I had gotten myself into, $hit was intense and the competitors were amazing! I believe there were 50 women that competed and I somehow placed 26 th (I think), at the end of the competition I said to myself that I would never compete again because the athletes were so good and I didn’t think I could ever compete at that level. Then 2010 rolled around and I learned of the Affiliate Team and I was instantly interested in working towards being on the team and I focused on getting stronger, faster, and better…and I made the team! CrossFit changed again in 2011 and implemented the “Open” allowed you see how you ranked against everyone else competing and the top 60 were allowed to move on to Regionals, I placed 32nd, but all I wanted to was to compete on the Affiliate team again and that I did…and then again in 2012.

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