Holiday WODing

Ali's tips on locating a CrossFit on your holiday travels: albany fitness

As we are entering into the Holiday Season I know there are many of you that will be traveling out to visit family or going on vacation. Here are a few simple tips to locate a box wherever your destination may be:

-Go to and on the left hand side of the site there is a community link. Run your mouse over that and see the AFFILIATE FINDER MAP. Here you can enter you location and find an affiliate to choose from.

-Once you have located a couple of affiliates, check out their websites. Look for key words such as "DROP IN" or "VISITORS". Many will list their rates, depending on where you go, you could drop in to a class for free or pay upwards of $30.

-If you have found a specific affiliate that you are interested in, email the owners. Introduce yourself, say when you will be traveling. Include your CrossFit experience level, and if you have an idea of what time you will be attending a class. If they do not list on their site that there is a drop in fee, make sure you ask about that, and be sure to inquire about holiday schedule changes.

-You can also Google your destination and just put "CrossFit" in the search. I've used this method as well and it will pull up a list of Affiliates in the surrounding area.

I have done drop-ins in Park City, UT; Plainville, MA; and Orlando, FL; and Poughkeepsie, NY. Each box offers a new experience and a welcoming community. Remember where you come from and how we welcome everyone with arms wide open. You will find the same treatment all over the country. Be open to new places and experiences. Don't be afraid to ask questions since you are in a new place. Enjoy a change of your normal pace you see at ACF/CCP.

If you don't think you are going to have time to go to a CrossFit Affiliate, but want to get a quick workout in, take a look at our WOD ON THE ROAD section of the website. There are plenty of workouts there at your disposal. Park benches are great for box jumps, bring your jump rope, wrap a shirt around a road sign or stair case banister and mimic a ring row. Just because you are away from ACF/CCP does not mean you need to fall off of your routine. I've used a swing set for pull ups!! Does your hotel have a pool? Try something different and go for a swim. Long layover? Lunges with your carry on over your head could be a burner, or take this time to work on your mobility instead of hitting up the ice cream stand. Whatever you have in store during this Holiday season, remember that you have options for fitness and plenty of coaches who travel and get their workouts in.


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