High Noon. –Stacia

unnamedSince becoming part of the crossfit community, I have been a fixture at the Noon class. Yes, in my 2 1/2 years of crossfitting I have done some other time slots but noon has been and will always be my favorite time to work out. The most obvious thing about what class you pick probably pertains to your work schedule and family life, and for me this rings true, but even on my day off from work, I still pick Noon.
Why? You see the people that work out noon are not the ones with out " real jobs" but more of ones with real interesting jobs. I have met so many great people getting my sweat on during this hour of the day. And if you are wondering about me, I am an Xray tech that works at an Urgent Care during the evening shift. Noon brings people of various ages, career and athletic abilities. It is nice to be able to mesh with people my own age as well as the younger members of crossit. Yes both the business man on his lunch hour,  the modern mother who is blessed enough to have free time while kids are at school, the college student, the train engineer, the waiter, the truck driver, the healthcare workers, the police officers, and even the Albany Crossfit coaches can all be found at the noon class. It is always a good mix of fun and seriousness to be better.
I love that Albany CrossFit's owner himself frequents the noon class and often will have the staff participating if not coaching it.
Another benefit of the noon time slot is that I have ample time to drink coffee, hydrate, spend time with my dog and check facebook prior. I am still not avid at getting breakfast beforehand (fear of puking post wod) Lately, I find that a handful of cashews with coffee in the car have helped my energy level during wods. Everyday is a new day no matter what the previous day was.  
I find the athletes at noon have an enormous amount of positive energy. Maybe it is the perfect time of day before something has stressed you out or pissed you off. Or if you woke up with a bad vibe, its a great hour to get rid of it. I never regret going to class because I always leave in a better mood even when my mood was great to start. I show up at work feeling good and ready to do my job because I just got my crossfit fix beforehand.
As the weather will get nicer I look forward getting outside and what better time of day than noon. I love when coaches take advantage of the large parking lot, tires, prowlers, and rig right out that side door. This is about the only time I get a tan during the summer. If you have never pushed a prowler in the hot sun beating on your face and legs you dont know what you are missing, It is a feeling of hard work accomplished. I was born in florida and love all things tropical, so bring on the heat! Outdoor noon wods are amazing.
If you are that athlete that needs ample warm up , extra mobilty or time to work on sucks, the noon wod is perfect. There are no classes prior or after so the box is pretty much wide open to do your thing. We have no stress level at noon to finish on time. I find that the atmosphere allows for individual needs and plently of helpful, knowledgeable, and resoursefull people around. Combinding coaches, competitors, new members and fixtures like me makes the noon class not only a fun but supportive crew.
Recently the Noon class has been nick-named Varsity (a state of mind). You will always experience great coaching, challenging work outs, awesome people, laughter, bantering and an unbeatable music selection at Varsity. Come Get Some.
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