Fun in Competing – Coach Andrew

10404889_10101080856427120_2988783212822430737_nI remember witnessing my first competition like it was yesterday. I was just two weeks out of on ramp and I had heard we would be hosting a competition called the Hudson Valley Throwdown. At the time I was still learning the movements and had no clue who was who in the world of CrossFit. At this competition I witnessed extremely gifted athletes demonstrating feats of not only strength, but will and determination. It was amazing to feel the energy that was bouncing off of the walls. That day I turned to a coach and asked, “When is the next competition?” Even though I still had plenty to learn, I knew that day that I wanted to compete. Since that day I have competed in numerous competitions. Each competition that I have competed in has been a team competition.

There is something amazing about working side by side with your friends in order to complete the workouts. For those of you that have never competed before, the only comparison I can make is our weekly partner workouts. On those days you are no longer pushing just yourself through a workout. Instead, you find yourself working harder and pushing not only yourself but your partner as well through the WOD. You and your partner must strategize how to go through each movement, who is better at what, and how you will transition as you move through the WOD.

If you find that you really enjoy these partner workouts, then I highly recommend that you find a team competition. There is really no experience quite like it! You will find yourself moving faster, digging deeper, and challenging yourself in ways you never thought possible. You will also forge friendships that you may never had if you did not compete. There is something truly special about going through a competition with your teammates. It is a moment of bonding that can never be taken away from you.

So now the question is, What are you waiting for?

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