Friday Night Fights

Friday June 9, 2017 at 5:45-8:00 pm

It’s time for another Friday Night Fights! This event will feature two person teams comprised of two men or two ladies per team. RX and Scaled versions of the workouts will be available. Please register your team on the whiteboard in the main WOD room or add your name to the free agents list to find a partner. On the day of the event, the last class on the schedule will be the noon class.

This FNF event will be a fundraiser to support ALS research. ALS has effected many members within our community such as Ed Miller who recently passed away. Ed was a member of the Court Club and the husband to our very own Laura Garrison. Come help us remember Ed and raise funds for a good cause on June 9th. There will be a $10 suggested donation at the door and $20 drop in rate for non-gym members.

WOD 1: Prowler Push n’ Odd Object Carry Relay

*8 Minute Time Cap

Partner A:

1.) Pushes the prowler loaded with (255/165) 10 yards to Kettlebells and Dumbbells.

2.) Carries One Kettlebell (70/53) and one Dumbbell (70/55) back to the start line.

3.) Sprints back to the prowler and pushes it another 10 yards to plates (2 x 45 / 2 x 35).

4.) Carries the plates back to the start line and then sprints back to the prowler for another 10-yard push to Rogue Blocks.

5.) Carries the Rogue blocks back to the start line and sprints to the prowler again.

6.) Pushes the prowler 10 more yards to the atlas stones (60/35) and carries them back to the start line.

Partner B:

Then reverses the whole process resetting the course. They will start by carrying the stone to back to its original spot and then push the prowler 10 yards to the next empty space before sprinting to get the Rogue Block and bringing it back down the course. The workout is complete when Partner B replaces the last object and pushes the prowler back to the start line.

Scaled weights:

Kettlebells (53/45)

Dumbbells (50/45)

Plates (2 x 35 / 2x 25)

Stones – Replaced with Wall Balls where needed (30/20)

WOD 2: The Hokey Pokey Complex

* 8 Minute Time Cap

1 Squat Clean +

1 Front Rack Lunge (Right) +

1 Front Rack Lunge (Left) +

1 Thruster

* Build to a MAX weight for the complex in 8 minutes. There will be three scores for this event, partner A’s weight, partner B’s weight, and the combined team weight.

WOD 3: Bike, Snatch n’ Burpee Sprint  **UPDATED**

9 Minute AMRAP of:

9 Calorie Bike

9 Power Snatches (95/65)

9 Burpees Over the Bar

* Partners will take turns completing full rounds.

Scaled weight is (65/45)


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