Friday Night Fights is TOMORROW, July 17 at 6:00pm

fnfkatJoin us this Friday, July 17th at 6pm Albany CrossFit for Friday Night Fights – Choose Your Own Adventure WOD!

 Friday Night Fights is a fun competition open to all CrossFitters from across the Capital district. We encourage athletes of all ability levels to participate.

Important Details:

Please sign up in advance on our sign up sheet in the gym and specify if you are Scaled or RX

  • If you are not interested in competing we are always looking for volunteers to judge or help set up the event. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in helping.
  • We are deliberately being vague about the workouts and how this event will be run. Trust us when we say you will have an interesting evening.
  • Joe Nissam from Strengthlete will be on hand to sample his product. If you have not tried the Strengthlete protein yet than you do not know what you are missing!!

Here are several events you may see that night. All questions will be answered before “three, two, one, go”. Please be prepared for a fun night of workouts and strategy as you build your own WOD.

Prisoner of the Ant People

Max Weight Back Squat

Max Weight Jerk

War with the Evil Power Master

Max reps in 2 minutes of any or all of the following movements:

Burpees to a plate

Pistols/ Lunges

Pull Ups/ Ring Rows

Air Squats

Push Ups/ Knee Push Ups

Ab Mat Sit Ups

Muscle Ups

The Race Forever

500m Row

The Island of Time

200m Prowler

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