Friday Night Fights: Battle of the Sexes


We’re pumped to announce that our next Friday Night Fights event will be…BATTLE OF THE SEXES!

DATE: Friday, February 3rd @ 5:45pm.

EVENT DETAILS: This will be an X vs. Y event pitting the men of the gym against the ladies. So far in the history of Battle of the Sexes the ladies are undefeated! Can the men rally together this time for the upset and claim their first victory? Athletes will participate in teams of two of the same sex. Scores in workouts will benefit the greater team of the men or ladies. RX and Scaled variations of the workouts will be provided.

Albany CrossFit members are free to participate in the event. There is a $20 drop in fee for non-gym members to participate.

This FNF event will also be a fundraiser for the local chapter of BEST BUDDIES INTERNATIONAL. They are a non-profit organization that consist of volunteers who create opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. There will be a suggested $10 donation on the night of the event.

Workout 1:
20ft Partner Barbell Carry
60 Deadlifts (185/105)
40ft Partner Barbell Carry
60 Toes To Bar
20ft Partner Barbell Carry
* 9 Minute Time Cap
– Scaled Weight (135/85) / Knee Tucks

Workout 2:
Partner A: 9 Minutes to ROW for MAX Meters
Partner B: 9 Minute AMRAP of:
9 KB Squats (Right Arm Only)
6 KB Shoulder To Overhead (Right Arm Only)
9 KB Squats (Left Arm Only)
6 KB Shoulder To Overhead (Left Arm Only)
* RX Weight: 53/35 | Scaled Weight: 45/26
– Partner A begins on the rower and rows for max meters while Partner B begins the AMRAP. Partner A and B must switch at least once during the workout. Full rounds of the AMRAP must be completed before a switch can be made.

Workout 3:
7 Minute AMRAP of Burpees to Plate (45 lbs.).
First minute is free – every minute after one partner must complete 20 Double or Single Unders before anymore Burpees can be completed.