Friday 102513

Upcoming Events
October 25th. 6pm to 8pm. Friday Night Fights: Ninjas & Beast
October 26th. 9am to 6pm. Rock Tape Seminar
Due to tomorrow nights event the 4:00pm class will be the last class of the day.
Friday Night Fights: Ninjas & Beast will start at 6:00pm. Please come early to warm-up.
Friday (10/25)
WOD Prep:
Foam Roll: IT Band, Calves, Side Leg 1 x 20 Passes per Side.
1. Tosh Sprints:
3 Rounds For Time of:
200m Run. Rest 1:1
400m Run. Rest 1:1
600m Run. Rest 1:1
* 30 Minute Time Cap
2. For Time:
Accumulate 2 Minutes Holding a Static GHD Sit-Up with Your Torso Parallel to the Floor.
* Every Time You Break, Complete 20 Hip Extensions.