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Albany CrossFit – CrossFit

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:30 Sampson Lunges

:30 Spider-Man Lunges

:30 Push-Up to Downward Dog

:30 Shoulder Taps

:30 Air Squats

:30 Squat Bridges

:30 Mountain Climbers

:30 Push-Up to Inchworm

200m Run


w. 1 DB/KB

:20 Goblet Good Mornings

:20 Goblet Squats

:20 Goblet Strict Press

:20 1-Arm RDL /SIDE

:20 1-Arm Front Squats /SIDE

:20 1-Arm Push Press /SIDE


:30 Wrist/Forearm Stretch /SIDE

:45 Goblet Squat Hold

:45 Table Top Stretch


Dumbbell Squat Clean Thrusters


Metcon (Time)

“21 Savage”

800m Farmer’s Carry

21 Double DB Front Squats

21 Double DB Push Presses

21 Double DB Hang Squat Clean Thrusters

CARRY: Reduce distance 400m to 600m. Carry for 4-6 mins. in the home, 3 Min. Side Plank /SIDE.

WEIGHT: Choose a weight that you can complete 200m on the carry with before resting.

Modify to 1-Arm movements if you only have 1 DB or KB. Switch hands as desired on the carry. Do 21/SIDE on the 3 main exercises.

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