Fitness and Sport


Let’s be honest, CrossFit is challenging. It takes discipline, determination, and effort. The best way to improve is to build a solid foundation. This programming is designed to help you do just that. With a focus on skill sessions, technique drills, volume training, and strength work, you’ll be able to improve any “suck” regardless of what level you’re at. So if you’re looking to get pull-ups, if you’re struggling to string together double unders, or if you’re frustrated with your inability to master the Olympic lift keep reading…

This programming will be based around the same conditioning and strength found in the Sport category. In addition, Fitness will highlight a “foundational” movement and skill set to help you become a better CrossFitter inside and outside the box.


This programming is tailored for athletes that hope to perform their best during the CrossFit Open and aspire to earn a spot at Regionals. Specifically this programming is higher in volume and includes conditioning, Olympic lifting, strength, and skills. The CrossFit Open is designed to test your work capacity and more specifically your metabolic conditioning. The goal of this programming is to build a solid engine and prepare you for competition. During your training sessions you should be focusing on intensity while maintaining quality form. Since this programming demands a lot out of your body, those who choose this option will need to check their ego at the door. If you do not have the proper foundation or skills necessary to complete the WOD RX, then it is recommended you take the time to use the Fitness programming to build up your base and make you a more well-rounded athlete.

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