February 2016 – Mario Nigro

The Morning Crew is taking 2016 by storm!  We are excited to announce that Mario Nigro is our February Member of the Month.  Mario has been a member of the early morning crew at Albany CrossFit for years. Mario is dedicated and pushes himself to (be)tter on a daily basis. The fact that he is a hockey player explains his endurance and work ethic. Couple that with being a hockey goalie explains why he is willing to push himself out of his comfort zone.

One of the athletes in class said “When I first met Mario it took me a couple of classes or a couple of years to understand his sense of humor. But, some of my best mornings at ACF started with him in class”

Mario treats other members of his class like teammates; joking with them, encouraging them and cheering them on. He is one of those community members that helps new athletes or volunteers at our events.  Even when Mario’s down after a tough WOD, he isn’t really down. He’s the first person to yell back and cheer on the others, even though he’s still struggling to breathe.

Mario is February’s member of the month because he embodies what it means to be a team player.  Congratulations Mario!

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