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Fall Face Off Update!


Fall Face Off Update!


Fall Face Off is just ten days away! We are excited to see all the teams in both divisions come to our gym to go toe to toe with one another in some tough events. At the event we will have a few vendors in attendance who will be promoting their products and contributing to the prize pool. Checkout their websites and event demo videos below!

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  • The Court Club has been a part of Fall Face Off since the very beginning and this year will be sponsoring podium hardware!
  • Effortlesly Health  Voted the best food at this years Regionals. Now they will be in Albany to feed hungry competitors!
  • Strengthlete is our main sponsor this year and have generously supplied prizes for winners. Support them by visiting their booth.
  • LuLuLemon is new to the Albany area! Checkout their new showroom and thank them for the prize support.
  • Safeguard created our awesome event shirts! Give them a call if you need custom apparel.
  • Lift For Meat will be contributing to the prize pool and selling gear on site as well. They are offering discounts to competitors and spectators.
  • Fiternity is going to be on site selling the fittest apparel on earth. Be sure to check out their booth.
  • PurePharma is the newest addition to the Albany CrossFit store and a sponsor for Fall Face Off.
  • Hard Balance Body Works is the official sports massage for Fall Face Off. Be sure to stop in for $1 a minute to prep for the events. Discounts will be available for longer sessions.
  • FITAID is the best tasting recovery drink out there be sure to stock up in our store.
  • ROCKTAPE offers a great product to aid in recovery and injury prevention. This year they are contributing to the prize pool.
  • Reebok Everyone knows and loves Reebok! We are excited to have them be a part of this years event.
  • Gather’s Granola is a part of fall Face Off this year. Look for their products in out store.
  • Mealeo is a great way to order a meal online and a sponsor of Fall Face Off.



Event Demo Videos

Event 1: Prowler / Snatch Relay

Snatch & Prowler Weight Changes:
Scaled Snatch: 65/85/105/135
Scaled Prowler: 145/125/105/75
RX Snatch: 85/105/135/185
RX Prowler: 185/165/135/85


Event 2: Cumulatively Complex

Event 3: Burden Run

Event 4 is…well…you will just have to wait until game day to find out, but I will say you have definitely tangled with her before and she is a mean one…


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