Endurance Class

Happy Memorial Day!  The only class of the day on Monday, May 25 is at 10:00am.  


The weather has been absolutely beautiful and we are eager to get outside and hit the roads running. That is why we are excited to announce we will be hosting an Endurance Class!

When: Saturday’s at 9:00am (First class will be held 5/30!)

Cost: FREE!

Who: Any member can participate

The goals of our brand new Endurance class are:

  1.  Increase your Aerobic Health and Fitness.
  2.  Run local 5K Races, mud runs, obstacle course races, etc.
  3. To stay consistent with our mission of functional fitness- have every athlete expand past 5K races and complete an area obstacle course race / mud run. Coaches and athletes will discuss individual fitness levels with participants and pick an area race that is best for them.

To geek out on some CrossFit science…There are three metabolic pathways (the parts of your body that supply energy); the phosphagen, glycolytic, and oxidative.  The phosphagen and glycolytic pathways provide the biggest bursts of energy and mostly die off after about 2 minutes of constant 100% work.  After these two energy pathways die out, the 3rd pathway, oxidative, takes over along with some reserved energy from the glycolytic pathway and push you through the rest of the WOD.

The endurance class will focus on the oxidative and glycolytic pathways to help train your body to push through fatigue and past the energizer bunny on the way up Mount Everest.

In the past, Endurance Programming has consisted entirely of either running or rowing. While these two exercises will play a large role in our programming, they will only be a component of every WOD.  Expect to see mini WODs within a WOD, team WODs, and team building events. We will prepare you to participate in 5k and longer events such as Spartan races and mud runs. We’re pulling out all of the stops and doing things we’ve never done before, hopefully including runs on trails and up some local mountains (with some “fun” from the coaches build in of course).  WODs will incorporate principals that are commonly taught to special operations forces such as mental toughness and pushing your body past what you thought possible.

Join in on the fun on Saturdays at 9:00am with Coach Jim.






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