Elise Massimo: Not taking fitness for granted.

At Albany CrossFit I like the quality of coaching, the attention to detail in teaching form, the general friendliness of the people you run into on any given day. But it's the results that keep me coming back. You put in as much as you want to get out of it. From general wellness to fire breather, Albany CrossFit brings results.

My biggest improvement is overall strength. But not just in one area or muscle group. I always considered myself to be strong, but now my muscle groups work together. Not just quads firing during a squat, but glutes and hammys too. Synergistic strength and Body awareness.

CrossFit keeps me from losing the ability to do the things I have always taken for granted in my 20's. Everyday stuff, just better. From gardening to grocery shopping. Even keeping fit for work. Being a Physical Therapist isn't a sedentary job. I need to keep fit. Albany CrossFit does that for me.

My favorite Albany CrossFit story is Albany CrossFit itself. From two shoe boxes, to three, to OMG, a double wide, then a triple wide! The evolution of Albany CrossFit is my favorite story.

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