Don’t Wait for a Knock on the Door

albany fitnessWe are not all deep, or freakishly strong, or amazingly nimble, in body or soul. We are not all special snowflakes. The hard truth is that some people just achieve more than others. Some people realize their purpose and pursue it. Some people take hold of a skill and sharpen it relentlessly. Some people find a need and fill it.

But — WAIT! — there’s hope. This isn’t some depressing rant on how life sucks. Because it doesn’t. Life is pretty fucking good, but you have to give this thing called “effort.” You have to get off your ass every day and work hard for whatever it is that you want. You might get it, you might not — but, if you do it right, the whole trip will be a hell of a lot of fun. Success will be the bonus.

See, the only thing for certain is that no matter what your contribution to this world is supposed to be, you won’t find it by sitting on your ass. I don’t know one person of accomplishment who said, “Yeah, it’s crazy. I was just sitting there, on my ass, in my living room and BAM! The doorbell rang and success was standing there! In my doorway! Holy shit, can you believe it? I hadn’t done ANYTHING in life and yet here I am, happy and fulfilled!”

That shit doesn’t happen. Success comes to those who bust ass every day. To those who act. To those who give a shit about themselves and the people and the world around them.

So, go out and act. Don’t wait for a knock on the door. Relentlessly pursue something of merit. The path will get clearer. Good luck.

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