December 2012 – Joe Ferrandino (ACF)

James shows some love for the newest Member of the Month at Albany CrossFit: albany fitness

Hard Working. Dedicated. Bad-Ass. Crazy-Sexy-Cool. 

These are words that pop into my head when I think of how to describe this month’s member of the month Joe Ferrandino! 

Joe first came to us having never worked out a day in his life. Flash forward to now and he is crushing any WOD that comes his way setting personal record after record. Just recently for example Joe hit his first Handstand Push-Up! 

Joe is a regular at the Dirty Thirty (8:30pm class) and sets the bar high when it comes to working hard. Joe always pushes to the very last second and beyond in every WOD he hits and will frequently continue working after the timer has beeped to finish every repetition that was required of him. 

One of my favorite moments with Joe thus far had to be when “Kalsu” was last programmed. “Kalsu” was Joe’s first WOD outside of Bootcamp and he not only hit it head on, but after he was done showed what a committed member of our community he is. After his final rep, Joe took a moment to regain his composure, and then proceeded to encourage others who were still working by doing their Burpees with them until they finished the workout. That is an excellent example of dedication and sportsmanship that we should all strive to replicate.

I look forward to many more classes with Joe and his lovely wife Iryth. If you see Joe in the hallway before a class take a moment, shake his hand and congratulate him on a well earned member of the month award.

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