Dealing with Injury

Heed Kia's advice: clifton park fitness

Have you been dealing with a nagging injury?

As an athlete we may find ourselves in situations where our bodies are hurting or we might have a nagging injury that plagues us. The majority of the time it's nothing, however there can be that chance that it is in fact something you might have to get checked out, however until then please keep a few things in mind to keep that body in check:

1. Are you taking proper time to warm up/cool down before and after your work out? If not, take the extra time.

2. Are you drinking plenty of water and I mean A LOT, taking your fish oil AND eating clean? If not, get to it! After 2 weeks of this you should be feeling GREAT.

3. Are you getting proper sleep? Always a tough one but proper repair of your body will occur when you get some good quality rest.

4. Are you taking an extra rest day here and there and during that rest taking time to Mobilize the body? Everyone may want to train hard 5-7 days a week, but the thing is you get stronger when you take some to rest and allow your body to heal and come back fresh. I dare you to try it!

Take it from me, listen to your body, be smart and remember that the wonderful thing about CrossFit is that if something does hurt or you are working through an injury, we can always scale it to what you CAN do and still provide a great workout.