CrossFit is our P.E.D.

Reminder: The evening classes at CrossFit Clifton Park, and the 6 and 7pm classes at Albany CrossFit are cancelled this Friday due to Friday Night Fights.  We look forward to an an awesome night and hope to see you at the Food Fest immediately following the last workout at Albany CrossFit. Thanks!


Chris A. shares his thoughts on the CrossFit experience: clifton park fitness

Allegations of P.E.D. use run rampant in sports. They mar our appreciation of individual achievement; they cause us to second-guess exceptional human feats; they make us all into skeptics.

There’s no way he could do that clean. He’s got to be juicing.

As efforts to eliminate P.E.D.s fail and testing science lags further and further behind, sports have become less about what’s happening on the field/court/ice and more about what’s happening off it.

Ray Lewis And Deer Antler Spray: What Does the Science Say?

Over time, the line between what is and is not performance enhancing continues to blur, calling into question what is a P.E.D. exactly?

Why did Kobe go to Germany?

It is with this in mind that I ask that we, the CrossFt community, set an example for other athletes and sports to follow. Let us be trailblazers. Let us be the first to confess.

CrossFit is our P.E.D.

It meets the basic criteria: it is both performance enhancing and “drug”-like in its effects.

Disciplined and consistent “use” leads to extraordinary benefits: increased energy and reduced "Fran" times, less stress and more friends; rising self-esteem and waning negativity; maximum gains and minimum excuses, feeling better clothed and looking better naked.

Those who don’t “use” look at us skeptically as they wonder aloud what makes us this way?

Why do they lift stones and push sleds?

Why are their hands calloused and their shins scarred?

Why do they speak in tongues, discussing WODs and AMRAPs, EMOMs and Tabata's?

I can’t say I blame them. I’m continuously blown away by the super human feats accomplished in our box. Just look at the leaderboard or our amazing efforts toward CrossFit for Hope. Just watch Donna hit burpees or Donald hit pullups. Just experience the focus on the 5:30 AM crew or the energy of the “Dirty Thirty”.

How else can you explain it than to say…




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