Coach Pat’s Journey to One Million Meters – pt. 3

Through Jan./Feb./Mar., As the meters starting piling up, James kept asking me how I was going to finish the million. That was the one thing I hadn’t planned – I just thought I would row until it was done keeping on my regular pace. When I hit 900,000 meters, the end was in sight. So were the Crossfit Northeast Regionals. I have volunteered at these events every year and knew that they are all-consuming days and time to row was not going to happen. That meant an expedited finish to the challenge. Doing a max effort 1, 5 or 10K didn’t seem like anything special since I was averaging somewhere around 7K a day – that left only the dreaded Half-Marathon.

Those of you who have been around for a few years may recall this being programed as the 3rd event in the 2013 Crossfit Games. Anything that will take the best athletes in the world well over an hour to complete is a huge endeavor. Murph did it the next day just to show everyone that it could be done – it just takes a crap-ton of time. 21,097 meters was daunting – the most I have ever rowed in one sitting was 13,000 meters. The most I had ever rowed in one day was about 15K. I said no to that idea, but immediately started doing the math. I then told James so that he would keep me to my word and went to finish my calculations.

It was now early May and I had to start changing my mindset – instead of counting up, I started to count down. I decided I would trade several days of 10K rows for a few light days and a few days off and would finish the million on the Monday before Regionals with the Half-Marathon.

When Monday rolled around I was all set. I had my I-Pod loaded with songs from one of my favorite bands (The The) and I was well rested. I rolled my favorite rower into the Double and had water and a foam roller handy. I set the damper to a low 6 and got to work.

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