Blue Collar Approach to CrossFit.

I love this community and appreciate all of you. If you read my blog and are inspired then I am happy for you. Before you read the rest of this blog I have to get something off my chest. I might offend some of you for this and for that I am sorry.

I don’t write this for you, I write this blog to help me on my journey. I want to change myself for the better. I am not striving for greatness, I know that I will never be an amazing athlete. But, I never want to be a wasted talent. I tried that for thirty years and I was not happy with the who I was.

Peter Gannon paid me the best compliment. He said: “Jason Murphy has a blue collar approach to CrossFit”. I believe that quote sums up my attitude. Every day is a new opportunity. Everyday is a chance to work hard and try to reach your potential. We are lucky to have Albany CrossFit, many do not have the opportunity to train here.  Every rep is a chance to improve and challenge yourself.

I push myself because I know that somewhere inside of me I have more to do in this life. I know that there is more in this world that I want to experience. Albany CrossFit makes me better and you all inspire me! If you beat me in a WOD I will congratulate you, and if I beat you I will cheer you to the finish. Just remember, when I am cheering you on, you are helping me.

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