Balancing the Busy-ness

Spring is in the air, and “to-do” lists are a mile long! Have to clean the out the garage, find time to fix the car, patch the roof, pick up groceries, do laundry, try to hit the gym…. it goes on and on.

Life will never slow down, so make albany gymsure to prioritize. If being successful at your job is super important, then give it the attention that it deserves. If you want your performance in the gym to improve and get healthier, then set aside time for it. If your family is an priority, then give your dad a call, have dinner with your mom, visit grandma… and so on.

Take care of you. It’s not just about physical wellness, although that is very important. This is all about addressing the complete YOU. If this means do your daily WOD, eat clean, train hard for the CrossFit Games, go for a walk, or play with the kids, DO IT.

Life is short, make sure to make time for those important to you!

“Action expresses priorities.” –Mahatma Gandhi

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